That behavior usually means that the browser cannot connect to the server on port 7682. Check to make sure that your browser can talk to the server on that port by using this special URL:

be sure and notice that the URL is httpS

If that page doesn't load, then check the firewall(s) between you and the server.

Conducting Magic

On 5/7/2018 5:24 PM, Jesse McCarty wrote:

Hello Everyone,

We recently upgraded to the 3.0 series of Evergreen (3.0.6) and are looking at testing out the web client, but it won’t login. I went through the OpenSRF install instructions with the websockets extras and can get to the /eg/staff login page, but clicking on sign in or pressing enter does nothing. Did I miss a step in the install/upgrade somewhere along the line? It also doesn’t show any of the custom color schemes of each library, instead staying green – not sure if this is by design or if I have something missing.

Thanks in advance,

Jesse McCarty

City of Burlington

Information Systems Technician

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