Thanks for the information everyone. It appears I have everything in place on 
the firewall configurations but still no go. Netstat doesn't even show anything 
listening on the default websockets port. I also tried setting up the NGINX 
proxy in the OpenSRF instructions and with that in place the web staff client 
goes into offline mode. 

Jesse McCarty
City of Burlington
Information Systems Technician

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On 05/07/2018 10:12 PM, Blake Henderson wrote:
> That behavior usually means that the browser cannot connect to the
> server on port 7682. Check to make sure that your browser can talk to
> the server on that port by using this special URL:

I am going to add that the above is necessary with Firefox if you use a
self-signed certificate. Firefox seems to track certificates by server
name and port number. So, you'll have to go to that URL and make the
security exception for its certificate, too. You will also have to do
this every time you change certificates on the server as well.

I have not had to do the above with Chromium, and I hear it is not
necessary with Chrome, either.

You can also avoid the whole mess by setting up a proxy server, which
may be overkill for a test installation, but is a good idea for production.


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