Hello all,

As part of my (glacially slow) attempts to move the dev docs project over
to the main wiki, I spent a few days right before the conference doing some
cleanup of the main wiki.  Here are a few things worth noting about that

1) There is a new namespace for "archiving" pages with no current relevancy
and limited or no historical value.  This namespace is "zzz_archive".
Pages in this space *will not* show up in searches or the site map, but
they *will* still be able to be browsed and read.  The only way to find and
reach them is via the archive index,
https://wiki.evergreen-ils.org/doku.php?id=zzz_archive:start .  This page
(via a few plugins) provides both an alphabetical index and also a tree
view of the archive contents.  At last count, around 90 pages are now in
this archive.  I tried to err on the side of leaving things in place, but
if something ended up in the archive and you feel it is still generally
useful, please feel free to move it out again.

2) There is another new namespace for pages with limited current relevancy,
but with some historical interest.  As you might guess, such pages now
reside in the "history" namespace.  This space is currently around 20
pages, mostly older release notes (before separate docs).

Perhaps we'll decide this distinction between "archive" and "history" isn't
meaningful, but it might be useful to give an example to illustrate the
distinction I am making.  Consider two existing pages, the upgrade
instructions for Evergreen version 1.4, and the release notes / feature
list for version 1.4.  We can safely assume very few people still need
step-by-step instructions for upgrading from 1.2 to 1.4.  On the other
hand, it is more interesting, and in some cases even useful, to know which
features came in version 1.4.  As it stands, the upgrade instructions are
archived, and the feature list has been moved to "history".

3) For pages being archived, most were so old and so specific, it did not
seem like any kind of redirect would be worth the maintenance cost.
However, for pages moved to "history", and for a few other pages moved and
re-ordered more generally, it is useful to keep any outside links working
(internal links are rewritten in the move process anyway).  To this end, I
installed a very basic redirect plugin to handle the mapping of old to
new.  Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, those redirects were all
deleted, but I am in the process of recreating them, and expect to have
them in place again by the end of the week.

4) Moving forward, based on the kinds of cleanup which were necessary, I
would suggest the following *general* guidelines:
- Try not to make pages in the root.  We have many namespaces, and your
page probably fits somewhere.  Consult the Sitemap for help and inspiration.
- Try not to make a new namespace.  We had quite a few namespaces with
exactly one page in them.  It's easy to believe your new page will the
start of something great, but it might be better to put the page in an
existing namespace until perhaps three or four pages coalesce into a new
useful grouping.


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