Hi Benjamin,

Thanks so much for sharing that floor plan.

Looks great!

I'm wondering if Inkscape would be easy to use to create one detailing
the collection on each shelf?

Patrons walk into the library and want to know where Fiction is,
Mystery is (on a separate shelf, Biography, Non-Fiction, etc.

So, visitors could use that map/floor plan as guide to know exactly
where and which shelves the respective collections are located?

I've never used Inkscape and won't be doing a lot of this kind of
mapping and I've been warned Inkscape has a fairly steep learning
curve if you're a novice to drawing software (that's me!).

Maybe I'm asking too much for  software that's, free, easy to learn and use? :)

Thank you again.


Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2018 16:52:48 -0400
From: Benjamin Kalish <bkal...@forbeslibrary.org>
To: Evergreen Discussion Group
Subject: Re: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Floor Plan - Map - Drawing Software

I made the "floor plans" that we include on our library's website and in
handouts using Inkscape <https://inkscape.org/en/>.


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