Again, going from memory and what little I know of GEO-Location stuff...Also, 
Google has a full suite of Geo-Location API's one can use.

You would have to go to each shelf and determine the GPS coordinates and then 
map those to the call# (obviously variations on this but trying to keep it 
simple).   Not saying the below would be the best option as the API's mentioned 
above are available but just to demonstrate how you can tweak locations in 
google maps. 

If you search for Missouri River Regional Library you will see the "pin" at the 
following location.°34'28.5"N+92°10'07.0"W

I have tweaked the location below so the pin moves to a different point within 
the library.   As you probably know you can open a location on your maps on 
your phone and, in this case, choose the walking option and follow the map to 
the specified location...or more likely the use it would open the map in the 
library and you would dynamically see the "pin" at the shelf you need.   
Guessing most people wouldn't use the walking option, other than for the fun of 
it and to see if it works, unless you have a large confusing setup.°34'28.9"N+92°10'06.7"W

What I am unsure of is if you can create your own map using the Google API's 
and use that for what they see.  I would think so but not sure.   Again, just a 
thought from something that was pretty creative at the time when this stuff 
wasn't as sophisticated and easy as it has become.

If I find time I may take a closer look at the API's and see what can be done 
and report back.   Does sound like fun.


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Hi Jim,

I LOVE that!

How does one "program the GPS" to a library shelf?

My apologies for my tardy reply - slammed at a new job.

Thank you ever so much.


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It has been a few years so recalling this from my dusty memory collection but a 
few years ago I saw a presentation by someone in the
Horizon Library world who mapped all his shelves using GPS.   So when
you looked up an item it would dynamically show you where the item was located. 
 Things are even more sophisticated now so you could even
provide "Directions" now on peoples phones.   Click a link and tell it
to "Start" and it would take them to the right shelves.   Probably one
additional table in the database to map Location/Collection/Call# codes to GPS 
coordinates and maybe a bit of map creation and away you
go.   If you wanted to get really fancy you could even do a StreetView
kind of thing for your library so they could "See" where they needed
to go.   Or even fancier, put in LED tiles for flooring and then you
could light up tiles for them to follow.   Sorry, I get carried away
sometimes.   Sounds like a fun project though.


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