I was doing something very similar, but instead of JUST the last circ, I was 
getting all kinds of results.   But I will try it again.   Maybe I was 
selecting the wrong source to start with.



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Hi Jennifer,

I would built that report like this:

Source: Classic Item List

Status > id (Operater = In List)
Owning Library > id (Operator = In List)
Deleted (Operator = Equals, Filter Value = f)

Display Fields:
Circ Modifier
Callnumber Label
Patron Barcode
Patron Name

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On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 4:57 PM, Walz, Jennifer 
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  I would like the CURRENT item checked out with the CURRENT patron name who 
has it.     It would be great to see all the items with the status of 
checkedout, for our location, with a borrower listed for each item who has the 
item out.

Is that the ‘active circulation’??   What are ‘linked’ circulations?

  WHY is this so hard?  Don’t libraries want to know how many items are out 
currently, what they are, and who has them?     Should be a ‘one-click’ report.



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Hi, Jennifer:

Are you looking to get information for the patron who CURRENTLY has the item 
checked out or for the patron who had the item checked out PRIOR to the current 

The former is easy, the latter... may not be as friendly.

The Parent Circulation relates to renewals. If an item is renewed, the parent 
circ was the circulation that led to the renewal.



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On Tue, Jul 31, 2018 at 3:16 PM, Walz, Jennifer 
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All –

I’m trying to get a report to run with the LAST circulating patron on items 
currently checked out.   Is that the Parent Circulation?    What IS the parent 

If not, what is the data point in the Item Source to help me get to that 

I want a report with this information:   current status=checked out, list of 
item barcode, title, call number, and circ mod.   Also need for each item, the 
LAST circ patron (i.e. the one who has it out now) with barcode and last name.

  Any advice is welcome.


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