This is a great idea! Thanks!


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As to the tear off block, a couple of years ago we set up the checkout receipt 
to print a raffle ticket at the bottom of the receipt.

We used the following <div> with the raffle ticket information, I believe it 
was patron id below this <div>

<div style="display: block; page-break-before: always;"></div>

Then we set up the printer driver to cut at a page break.

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I think having access to the juvenile flag is a great idea. I've created a wish 
list request for it in launchpad:


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The problem is, apparently, that the juvenile field isn't available to the 
checkout receipt.

I successfully used the last family_name field (which is available) and it 
printed for my "Nybody" test user, but not for me,  "Stratton". Attempting 
"patron.juvenile == '[any variation on false]'" did not work.

Also an issue - using the ngIf form (as found in Angular documentation), vs the 
ng-if form (as used in EG templates). If ngIf is used, the block displays in 
the preview and prints regardless of the if condition. Using ng-if, the block 
does not display in the template preview, but prints according to the condition.

<div ng-if="patron.family_name == 'Nybody'">Enter our raffle!<br/>
Contact: ____________________________ <br/>
Drawing on Tuesday, June 4</div>

This is a fun idea, and useful for a lot of things... I'm now wondering if 
there could be a way to use the slip or a tear-off block as a way to track 
books for summer reading

Lindsay Stratton
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Has anyone tried to use the ngIF directives in a Check Out Print Template?  I 
want to print a raffle entry form at the bottom of check out receipts, but only 
if the juvenile flag is false.

Any ideas or suggestions to test?

Elizabeth Davis
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