Thank you! I was on the right track.


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This is the code we use in our print templates. It prints preferred name if one 
exists, and primary name if it doesn't.

<span ng-if="patron.pref_family_name">{{patron.pref_family_name}},</span>
<span ng-if="!patron.pref_family_name">{{patron.family_name}},</span>
<span ng-if="!patron.pref_first_given_name">{{patron.first_given_name}}</span>

We are also investigating using something similar for our emailed notices. 
However, we are still in the testing phase for that. We have one test set up so 
far, and it is using this code:

[%- USE
    first_name = user.pref_first_given_name || user.first_given_name;
    family_name = user.pref_family_name || user.family_name;
Dear [% family_name %], [% first_name %]


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nevermind...that Template was broken

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I think I finally got this. Please correct if I'm wrong...
Here's our full current hold slip template

<p style="padding-top:30px">
<font size="7">
{{hold.shelf_expire_time | date:'M/d'}}
<div ng-if="patron.pref_family_name == 'f'">{{patron.family_name}} </div>
<font size="5">
<div ng-if="patron.pref_first_given_name == 'f'">{{patron.first_given_name}} 
<div ng-if="hold.email_notify == 'f'" && "hold.sms_notify">Notify by Phone: 
{{hold.phone_notify}} </div>
<div ng-if="hold.email_notify == 'f'" && "hold.sms_notify" && 
"hold.phone_notify">Daytime Phone: {{patron.day_phone}} </div>
<p style=;padding-bottom:40px>

  <div ng-switch on="hold.behind_desk">
    <div ng-switch-when="t">
      Route to the <strong>Private Hold Shelf</strong>.
    <div ng-switch-when="f">
      Route to the <strong>Hold Shelf</strong>.
Hold Shelf Expire Date: {{hold.shelf_expire_time | date:'M/d/yyyy'}}<div>
  Item Barcode: {{copy.barcode}}</div>
  Title: {{title}}</div>

  Call Number: {{call_number.prefix}} {{call_number.label}} 


  <div>Hold for patron: {{patron.family_name}}, 
  <div ng-if="hold.phone_notify">Notify by phone: {{hold.phone_notify}}</div>
  <div ng-if="hold.sms_notify">Notify by text: {{hold.sms_notify}}</div>
  <div ng-if="hold.email_notify == 't'">Notify by email: {{patron.email}}</div>
  <div ng-if="hold.email_notify == 'f'" && "hold.sms_notify">Daytime Phone: 
{{patron.day_phone}} </div>
<div ng-if="hold_notes">
        <li ng-repeat="note in hold_notes | filter: {slip : 
't'}"><strong>{{note.title}}</strong> - {{note.body}}</li>

  <div>Request Date: {{hold.request_time | 

  <div>Printed: {{today | date:$root.egDateAndTimeFormat}} at 
<p style="padding-bottom:160px">

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 12:22 PM Elizabeth Davis 
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I am using {{patron.pref_first_given_name}} in the print templates for 
receipts.  I am curious if user.pref_first_give_name work?  Can I have it print 
the preferred if it’s there and the first_given_name if there isn’t one?


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What was the marker you were using for the preferred name? Is there a list of 
referable string names for the print templates?

On Thu, Aug 29, 2019 at 11:49 AM Elizabeth Davis 
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Hello Everyone,

We just upgraded to 3.3 and I added the angular code in the print templates for 
preferred name and was curious if anyone uses preferred name in their trigger 
notifications.  I would like to be consistent.

Thank you,

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