This is probably un-helpful, but we let the upgrade script convert them all to the new alert matrix feature and leave XUL in the dust. We communicated this issue and fielded the questions as they came up. Mostly: XUL is going away and this is "one of those things" that XUL is losing. A good reason to start using Webby now instead of waiting.

There was a small group of catalogers that continued to use XUL and catalog alert messages "the XUL way". We communicated with that group of catalogers and explained what was happening and why "some" workstations saw the alert and some didn't (XUL vs. Webby) - and once they were all converted to Webby, we converted the XUL alerts to Webby alerts retro-actively.

I suppose another option would be to have server-side software mirror the two alerts somehow so that you could have them appear in both clients but we did not craft such software.

Conducting Magic

On 10/15/2019 10:58 AM, Josh Stompro wrote:
Hello, we are upgrading to 3.3 from an older version.  And were planning on a phased change over to using the web client after the upgrade.

I just noticed that the xul client cannot use the new item alerts, and all existing item alerts are migrated from asset.copy to the new asset.copy_alert during the database upgrade.

So I'm wondering what others have done to re-add all the alerts back to the asset.copy alerts field so xul client users can still be alerted, and how you have dealt with synchronizing the alerts between the two locations during your transition period.


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