Thanks for the suggestions Martha and Blake,

After using the web client for a few days we discovered a few more things
about how the old and new copy alerts act.  The old
(asset.copy(alert_message)) alerts will still pop up during
check-in/checkout as long as there are no new style (asset.copy_alert)
alerts.  But there is no way to edit/remove them in the web client.

Also, there is no way to display the new style alerts in a column during
checkout, but it is possible to display the old style alerts.

So to ease our transition I'm going to attempt to synchronize the two
locations with database triggers (Like Blake suggested) until we are all on
the web staff client.  It won't be perfect, but for our basic needs it will
keep staff from having to add and remove alerts in two different
interfaces.  Only the first new style alert will be copied back to the old
location.  But we are used to using just one alert field at this point, so
that should work fine for the short term.

Here is my attempt at creating the triggers to synchronize the two


On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 2:01 PM Driscoll, Martha <>

> Hi Josh,
> When we upgraded to 3.1 we were not ready to implement the web client.  We
> commented out the part of the 3.0.6-3.1.0 upgrade script that clears the
> legacy copy alerts so XUL still had access to the copy alerts.  We did
> training on the web client on 3.1 but nobody did production cataloging.
> When we upgraded to 3.2 six months later we went exclusively to the web
> client.  We deleted the new copy alerts (which were created during the 3.1
> upgrade) and then re-ran the part of the script from 3.0.6-3.1.0 that
> converts the legacy copy alerts in asset.copy to asset.copy_alert and
> deletes the old alerts.
> You could probably do something similar on a library-by-library basis, but
> I don't think you can have circulation staff and tech services staff on two
> different clients in the same library.  Our 26 libraries came up on the web
> client all at once after a few months of training and access to the web
> client.  It went smoothly and our support staff were not overwhelmed with
> calls.
> Martha Driscoll, Systems Manager
> North of Boston Library Exchange
> On Tue, Oct 15, 2019 at 11:58 AM Josh Stompro <>
> wrote:
>> Hello, we are upgrading to 3.3 from an older version.  And were planning
>> on a phased change over to using the web client after the upgrade.
>> I just noticed that the xul client cannot use the new item alerts, and
>> all existing item alerts are migrated from asset.copy to the new
>> asset.copy_alert during the database upgrade.
>> So I'm wondering what others have done to re-add all the alerts back to
>> the asset.copy alerts field so xul client users can still be alerted, and
>> how you have dealt with synchronizing the alerts between the two locations
>> during your transition period.
>> Thanks
>> Josh
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Josh Stompro - IT Director
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Desk: 218-233-3757 Ext 139
Cell: 218-790-2110

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