Hi All,

As one half of the Evergreen 3.5 Co-RM team (along with Chris Sharp), I'd
like to kick off the new release cycle with a call for 3.5 roadmap
entries.  We have started a roadmap page here:


If you are working on a project that you expect to be ready for 3.5, please
add it to the wiki page or email Chris or me the details.  As a reminder,
the roadmap is for projects that have people actively working on them, not
wishlist items.

I'd also like to propose the following schedule as a general outline.

xx/yy/zz - Feedback Fest pre-feature freeze?
2/26/20 - Feature freeze
3/4/20   - Beta release
xx/yy/zz - Bug Squashing Week in this gap?
3/25/20 - Release Candidate
4/1/20   - Final release  (April Fools, yes!)

I pushed the GA release to April 1, not only because of April Fools, but
because I may be traveling for part of March which could impact my

If this schedule is agreeable, I'll follow up with feedback fest proposal
times and add all of this to the general roadmap page:




Bill Erickson

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