Hello Evergreen Community!

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted program proposals for the 2020
Evergreen International Conference!

The 2020 Conference Committee has extended the deadline for pre-conference
proposal submission until Friday, December 6, 2019.  The deadline for
regular conference proposals is still December 13, 2019.  We are still in
need of proposals for all types of sessions!

The 2020 Evergreen International Conference is being held in Atlanta, GA
from April 22 - 25, 2020.

The criteria for submitting program proposals for the 2020 Evergreen
International Conference and the link to the program submission form are
available at:


There are four tracks under which you may submit a proposal:


   End user: best practices and techniques for using Evergreen in
   day-to-day library operations.

   General: programs on training, making the decision to move to Evergreen,
   participating in the Evergreen community, and other topics related to
   using Evergreen and open source software in consortial and standalone

   Management/Leadership: programs related to the administration,
   management, and leadership of Evergreen systems and staff.

   Technical: topics related to system administration, software
   development, implementation, hardware, and integration with other software.

You may also submit proposals for Pre-Conference workshops.  Pre-Conference
workshops are 3 hours long, in order to go more in-depth on the topic or
training.  They take place the day before the conference begins (April 22,
2020) and are offered at an additional registration cost.  There are slots
for four pre-conference workshops. Note:  Pre-Conference proposals are due
earlier than other proposals.
Instructions for Submitting Proposals:


   All submissions must include a session title, short description
   appropriate for the conference program (no more than 200 words), and the
   names, institutions, job titles and email addresses of those who will be
   presenting the material at the conference.

   Indicate your intended program track (End User, General,
   Management/Leadership, Pre-Conference, or Technical) and presumed
   technical expertise of your audience (None, Low, Moderate, High).

   List any technology requirements.

   Fill out the submission form – 2020 Program Submission Form

   The deadline for submitting pre-conference proposals is now Friday,
   December 6, 2019.  The deadline for submitting all other proposals is
   Friday, December 13, 2019.

For a more extensive list of possible program ideas, please visit the
conference website

If you have questions regarding the submission process or questions about
proposals in general, please feel free to contact the Program Committee at
evergreen-confere...@list.evergreen-ils.org.  We look forward to hearing
from you!

2020 Evergreen International Conference Program Committee:

Jason Boyer - Equinox OLI

Garry Collum - Kenton County Public Library

Tiffany Little - Georgia PINES

Debbie Luchenbill - MOBIUS

Terran McCanna - Georgia PINES

Debbie Luchenbill
Evergreen Coordinator
111 E. Broadway, Ste. 220
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deb...@mobiusconsortium.org <debo...@mobiusconsortium.org>
https://mobiusconsortium.org <http://mobiusconsortium.org>
Evergreen Help Desk: h...@mobiusconsortium.org / 877-312-3517
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