Peter Taphouse wrote:
> Hi Mike,
>> Are you using exactly 2.0-865? If so could you try the userspace tools 
>> and kernel modules in:
>> There are two write fixes in there. It sounds like you are hitting a 
>> problem where we counted some variable incorrectly and halt writes for 
>> no good reason.
> I've checked and we were using the latest 2.0-865.15 kernel and userland
> although on a 2.6.18 kernel - I've also just tried the latest
> kernel with 2.0-865.15 and I get the same results.  It's not the writes
> that seem to stop, it's the reads. Is there any output that I can give
> from iscsid, or from a tcpdump of the traffic that would help diagnose
> things better?

Can you use the kernel modules and tools from 2.0-865.15 and build them with

make DEBUG_SCSI=1 DEBUG_TCP=1 install

Then send all the log output. Send it to me offlist since it is a lot. 
Also if you can get a tcpdump trace send that.

And does this happen with and without jumbo frames?

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