I have an Equalogic iSCSI array that has 3 x 1gbit interfaces. Do I have 
to do anything to the software initiator to make it utillize the 
redundancy? Or does it automatically shift the connection to one of the
other ip-adresses if one of the links go down?

Another (somewhat related) question. We borrowed the first array and 
Equalogic has a feature where you can just add new arrays to the pool. 
It will then have say 6 x 1gbit interfaces for a time.. then you can 
tell it to move the data/volumes to the other array and you can power 
off the old one. The Portal-Ip-adresse remains the same under the 
operation but the ip-adresses that sucks up the data doesn't.

How is the software initiator supposed to handle this situation?

(for the record, it blew up with scsi-errors and turned my filesystems 



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