Erez Zilber wrote:
> This new thread summarizes and continues a discussion that we (Mike, Or
> and myself) had outside the list. This is what we have so far:
>     * Having a parent device: commit
>       62786b526687db54c6dc22a1786d6df8b03da3f3 in the bnx2i branch looks
>       ok, and will solve the DMA mask problem. I think that it's cleaner
>       than calling slave_alloc etc. However, this code cannot be used
>       outside the bnx2i branch. I think that we need to create another
>       patch (based on this one) to submit upstream. Mike - what do you
>       think?

Oh yeah, you will want to reclone my tree. Some patches were broken or 
diffd incorrectly, so I rebuilt the tree. I made the endpoint code more 
generic for iser, bnx2i and one day chelsio. You want several patches in 
there related to the iscsi_endpoint stuff. Commit 
0d199fdee8740bcb1dbc3e33bbe5b03996f7be2b was the initial endpoint code 
and a2212ba43dc9db30e203d0a2d244b5b2569c72c8 was the iser conversion and 
fix to iser to set the host's parent based on the endpoint's parent. I 
also added some compat code so that older tools would continue to work 
with newer iser modules.

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