On Mon, Apr 28 2008 at 20:15 +0300, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> ptashek wrote:
>> I have looked around the web, but haven't found a similar issue which
>> suggests that this may be a simple config issue, which I have just not
>> found yet. However, if anyone has any thoughts on this, please share!
> You did not find anything on the web, because you are the first person 
> to report it :)
> open-iscsi took linux-iscsi's discovery code and login code, but when it 
> integrated it into open-iscsi it goofed in several places. This is one 
> of them.
> What target are you using?
> I will try to send a patch later in the week for you to test.

It looks like this patch could be the beginning of what we, pNFS people,
wanted. A kernel API for discovery and login. Or have I mis-understood
the problem/solution.


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