Mike Christie wrote:
> Terry Gliedt wrote:
>> This is on open-iscsi-2.0-869 with a 2.6.24 kernel an an Infrotrend 
>> A16E-G2130-4
>> Running iscsid in debug mode I see the following. Is this most likely 
>> that I need a newer kernel or something in open-iscsi ?  Where to poke 
>> next ??
> You are lucky we just had a thread about this box last week :)
> I think the conclusion on "Problems with Open-iSCSI and Infortrend 
> A16E-G2130-4" was that you need firmware 3.61G.61.

Yes, indeed, this was exactly the problem. I held off responding until I 
upgraded the firmware and have seen it work. The RAID unit has been 
running as it should now for several weeks. Thanks for the response.

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