This is on open-iscsi-2.0-869 with a 2.6.24 kernel an an Infrotrend 

Running iscsid in debug mode I see the following. Is this most likely 
that I need a newer kernel or something in open-iscsi ?  Where to poke 
next ??

This happens much of the time, but at low loads does not seem to happen. 
I can force this with a backup using rsync which forces lots of I/O 

iscsid: set operational parameter 1 to:
iscsid: set operational parameter 2 to:
iscsid: default
iscsid: set operational parameter 0 to:
iscsid: default
iscsid: connection2:0 is operational now
iscsid: Releasing session 0x8079b70
iscsid: Kernel reported iSCSI connection 2:0 error (1011) state (3)
iscsid: re-opening session 2 (reopen_cnt 0)
iscsid: connection 2:0 is stopped for recovery
iscsid: disconnecting conn 0x807caa0, fd 6
iscsid: thread 0807ef20 was scheduled at 1429:8, curtime 1439 q_forw 
0x806e354 &pend_list 0x
iscsid: iscsi_login_eh
iscsid: re-opening session 2 (reopen_cnt 0)
iscsid: connecting to

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