Opencocca wrote:
> Our client platform is a HP DL-585 (AMD) machine, with RedHat
> Enterprise 5.1 x86_64, iscsi-initiator-utils-, dm-
> multipath, redhat cluster suite and virtualization packages.
> We replaced the original, basic script for xend bridged networking
> with a custom one - actually, a wrapper of the original one. The
> wrapper recalls the script three times with different parameter, thus
> creating three bridges with different settings.
> Using that wrapper over the basic script, we noticed a significant
> delay while the wrapper script is being activated at boot time
> ("enabling xen networking workaround...").

When these scripts are run is iscsi up and do they modify the network 
that the iscsi inititor is using?

The initiator sends pings/nops to check the target. If you do something 
that messes with the network then the nop may not make it to the target 
and you will see the timed out errors. In this case we will reconnect to 
the target. A lot of times doing something like starting a firewill 
while iscsi is up will cause a nop to timeout and ee have to then open a 
new tcp socket and relogin at the iscs ilevel to be able to send traffic 

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