Konrad Rzeszutek wrote:
> > + * bnx2i_iscsi_license_error - displays iscsi license related error message
> Doesn't look very license related. Just says 'not supported'.

Could be that some hardware strap pin is being used as a dongle.  This
doesn't seem entirely in the spirit of GPL, and would be rather easy to

> > + * @hba:           adapter instance pointer
> > + * @error_code:            error classification
> > + *
> > + * Puts out an error log when driver is unable to offload iscsi connection
> > + * due to license restrictions
> Maybe adding in some extra information to the error, such as: "Due to
> GPL restrictions, etc.." .. What does 'LOM' stand for?

LOM is a common abbreviation for "LAN on motherboard" as opposed to an
expansion card.


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