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> Hi ,
> i am using the open-iscsi there is 7 target and 1 initatiator . when
> we restart the iscsi service he gives different naming i.e when we
> start service it gives sda sdb sdc sde sdf sdg sdh
> and when i again restart it gives sdi sdj sdk sdl sdm sdn sdo.
> why this happen please tell me.

The SCSI middle layer keeps a counter for every new structure and increments
it whenever a new is created (it doesn't decrement the deleted ones).

> We want when we restart service it must give same  names because we
> create a raid array using that devices and mount it using fstab if
> name changes it crash

You might consider looking at archives on this mailing list and look for


or /dev/disk-by-name

Those are persistent even if the block device name changes from sda->sdi.

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