Ken A wrote:
> Mike Christie wrote:
>> Ken A wrote:
>>> Yes, thanks, turning off nops helped with some of the timeouts. The
>>>  mkfs succeeded (very slowly), with this block of errors repeating 
>>> in the log (see below).
>>> I should mention that this is on a asynchronous link, (100mbps 
>>> initiator <-> 1000mbps target). The initiator is running Fedora 8, 
>>>, open-iscsi 2.0-865.
>> Are you using the tools and kernel modules from 2.0-865? Or the iscsi
>>  kernel modules from and tools from the rpm?
>> If you did a make and make install with open-iscsi 2.0-865 from 
>> then you are using the tools and kernel modules from 
>> the
>>> Target is Wasabi Storage Builder.
>>> Any ideas?
>> Is there anything on the target logs?
>> With a 100 mbs link we might have been sending too much IO, but I 
>> would have expected to see some messages about scsi commands timing 
>> out and host resets firing. You can try setting these in iscsid.conf:
>> node.session.cmds_max = 16 node.session.queue_depth = 8
> Running open-iscsi from rather than iscsi-initiator-utils
> seems to have fixed the problem on one Initiator.
> Thanks very much for your help!
> Ken

Are you running iscsi-initiator-utils with nops on or off? And what 
version of iscsi-initiator-utils? iscsi-initiator-utils is actually the 
open-iscsi userspace tools.

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