This is, if not exactly what I need, at least a lot of new info for  
me.  I haven't seen any of this in any of the Wiki's, READMEs or other  
sundry documents out there that describe configuring iSER.  Thanks  
very much, I'll see if this gets me going.


On Aug 17, 2008, at 1:40 PM, Mike Christie wrote:

> Jesse Butler wrote:
>> (This could be a duplicate post, not sure.  I posted Friday, but am
>> not seeing it on the archive online, so resending.)
>> Hello-
>> We have an iSER implementation under way for Solaris, and have  
>> reached
>> the point where we are working on Open iSCSI and OFED
>> interoperability.  I am starting with testing the Linux initiator
>> (RHEL 5.2, OFED 1.3.1) against our Solaris iSER-enabled target, and
>> I'm not getting very far.
>> Most of our testing thusfar has been via StaticConfig discovery.  I
>> see that OpeniSCSI does not support this, and thus I am attempting to
> It does. You do
> iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -p ip:port -o new
> to create the basic config.
> Then do
> iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -p ip:port
> to see the settings.
> Then do:
> iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -p ip:port -o update -n  
> name_of_setting
> -v value_of_setting.
> I think you will at least want to change the transport and the digest
> settings for iser.
>> use SendTargets; I am running a SendTargets discovery session, and
>> then logging in manually to that node (iscsiadm -l).
>> The connection is on IPoIB between the two nodes, but once discovery
>> is completed, it appears that the Linux node is configured to just  
>> use
>> the "tcp" transport - he is not attempting to use iSER at all.
>> Looking at the /etc/iscsi/nodes entry, iface.transport_name is "tcp".
> Run
> iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -p ip:port -o update -n
> iface.transport_name -v iser
> The transport_name setting may be different in different releases. We
> have not got it set it yet.
> In
> you can just do
> iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p ip:port -I iser
> and we assume you want to use the iser transport for all portals  
> found.
> In that release you can also pass in iser to
> iscsiadm -m node -T your_target -p ip:port -I iser -o new
> And a way to avoid all this, is using the method Erez suggested and  
> use
> the iscsi_discovery script which will do some magic probing and config
> udpates for you.
> >

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