I am trying to use the bnx2i for connecting to a dell iscsi box.

What I have done is upgrading the kernel to 2.4.24 ubuntu based
kernel(ubuntu because they had xen patches)

I have the driverpackage for bnx2i from dell and then I compiled and
installed the bnx2(including cnic) and bnx2i from that driverpackage.

I now modprobe bnx2i without any errors. I then found out that I
needed some newer userspace utilities for setting the transport.name
so I got the open-iscsi source from git, and then ran make & make
install_usr(because if I had installed the kernel modules from the git
version I would have some problems compiling bnx2i against its header
files, because it will compile against my kernelsource)

Now I removed the  bnx2i module from kernel;started bnx2id;modprobe
bnx2i;started iscsid;

then I did:
iscsiadm --mode node --targetname <targetname> --portal <portal ip> --
op=update --name=node.transport_name --value=bcm570x-040000

bcm570x-040000 is mapped to the interface where the <portal ip> can be

I then get:
iscsid: Could not fund uspace transport for bcm570x-040000 in

I have successfully used some disk from the dell iscsi without bnx2i,
but I would like to use bnx2i if I can make it work

Another thing is that eth0 which is bcm570x-040000 is an interface
with vlan on it - and it is that vlan which has access to the dell

Best Regards
Hasse H. Johansen
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