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> The open-iscsi fwparam tool does not connect through all the initiators
> in the initiator structure exported by the iBFT.
> I ask this because though the Nic fw can connect twice to the same
> target using both the initiators(Dual port card) but then the OS makes
> only one connection with the last(I hope I got this right) initiator
> with the Firmware boot selected flag set.
> Now, I would think we should have both ports(dual port NIC) with an iqn
> should be able to connect to a target portal and thus have two sessions
> to the same target portal.

I think you are asking two questions here:

1). Should we connect to all portals listed in the iBFT irregardless if some
        of the flag.

2). Should we connect to the portals on both ports.

The second is much easier to answer - that depends on the iBFT structure. There 
is a linkage
between the target portal and the NIC entry (each target portal can only 
specify _one_ NIC
however). If that is not set, we would not connect. However if the
iBFT specifies two NIC entries and four targets, where one is associated with 
the first
NIC, while the three other are with the second NIC, we ought to:
 a). During bootup login to only the boot-up portal
 b). Later on we can connect to the other target portals. But I think we 
haven't even
        done that as the purpose of iBFT is to be the 'iSCSI _Boot_ Format 
Table' - so we only
        use it during bootup.

In regards to the first 1) question the spec does not specify (this is from my 
memory so
I might be wrong here) whether you need to log-in or not. If you are interested 
in doing
some of this work to have it working properly contact me off-line and we can 
work together
on improving the iscsiadm ibft sysfs handling (or rather the lack of it right 
now and add
the correct sysfs handling) and adding this in.

> Is there a specific reason for this design or it just needs some coding?

Coding. You volunteering?

> -Shyam Iyer
> > 

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