On Oct 22, 10:43 am, Mike Christie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Martin wrote:
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast1
> >    Portal:,1
> >            Iface Name: default
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast2
> >    Portal:,1
> >            Iface Name: default
> > Target: iqn.2001-09.net.ketsds:keat.storage.fast3
> >    Portal:,1
> >            Iface Name: default
> Ok it looks like we fixed the problem where we got duplicate records and
> we got a already running error.
> For the pdu timed out problem, I think we need a ethereal/wrireshark
> trace so we can see why the target is sending us the wrong task tag. Do
> you know how to run this? In centos5 I believe you have to use ethereal
> (I do not think we picked up the renamed wireshark). Just run that on
> the initiator box, when you run the "iscsiadm -m node -l". When that
> fails with timed out errors, stop ethereal and send the trace.

Ok, I posted the trace to the group file area:



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