Albert Pauw wrote:
> Just by coincidence I came across the following behaviour:
> Setup:
> Fedora 9, fully patches OS with latest git version of open-iscsi,

Is this the last commit?

commit 8b0984bf3c2670871af1983bb1495b4495c3f869
Author: Mike Christie <>
Date:   Thu Feb 26 09:34:11 2009 -0600

     docs: more README fixes

> kernel
> Target is tgt, latest git version.
> Normally I am able to log into the tgt target, no problems.
> This time I started up tgt, but had forgotton to define a target
> (just the daemon running), I checked that the iscsi port 3260 was
> open.
> Normally I run a little script which defines the target for the tgt
> daemon,
> this time I forgot. So no actual target defined.
> When I tried to log into the target, open-iscsi hangs, and in fact it
> freezes the whole
> system.

I just tried it here and could not replicate it. Could you run your test 
with this patch applied to the open-iscsi git code?

Could you run iscsid with

iscsid -d 8 -f &

and send that output, and then could you make the iscsi modules with 

make DEBUG_ISCSI=1 install

> If the iscsi port was closed, ie not even the daemon started, open-
> iscsi hangs, but no freezes.

What do you mean by hangs? You run iscsiadm -m .... -l and that never 
completes? The timeout for this might a little long now. It could be 
around 2 minutes.

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diff --git a/kernel/libiscsi.c b/kernel/libiscsi.c
index 457ecfe..face5f0 100644
--- a/kernel/libiscsi.c
+++ b/kernel/libiscsi.c
@@ -1567,9 +1567,6 @@ static void fail_all_commands(struct iscsi_conn *conn, 
unsigned lun,
        struct iscsi_task *task, *tmp;
-       if (conn->task && (conn->task->sc->device->lun == lun || lun == -1))
-               conn->task = NULL;
        /* flush pending */
        list_for_each_entry_safe(task, tmp, &conn->xmitqueue, running) {
                if (lun == task->sc->device->lun || lun == -1) {

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