Hi All,

I have problem in getting the correct iscsi volume size on initiator.
>From target size I have filled the array properly. I am correctly
responding to READ CAPACITY command. I am sending correct LBA & Block
Size to initiator. My array on target is 16byte array(for 64 bit
machine). First 8 bytes are for LBA & next 8 bytes for block size. But
when I connect to open-iscsi initiator , it is only reading the first
8 bytes. And from that 8 bytes, it retrieves the LBA from first 4 byte
(a 32 bit value) & from next 4 byte it is retrieving the block size.
So how to read whole 16 byte array to get all correct information. Is
there is any negotiations happens between initiator & target regarding

Please help me.

I am using 64 bit target & open-iscsi initiator.

Thanks in advance.

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