> Hi All,
> I have problem in getting the correct iscsi volume size on initiator.
> From target size I have filled the array properly. I am correctly
> responding to READ CAPACITY command. I am sending correct LBA & Block
> Size to initiator. My array on target is 16byte array(for 64 bit
> machine). First 8 bytes are for LBA & next 8 bytes for block size. But
> when I connect to open-iscsi initiator , it is only reading the first
> 8 bytes. And from that 8 bytes, it retrieves the LBA from first 4 byte
> (a 32 bit value) & from next 4 byte it is retrieving the block size.
> So how to read whole 16 byte array to get all correct information. Is
> there is any negotiations happens between initiator & target regarding
> this?
> Please help me.

What kernel are you using? Are you using the iscsi modules from the 
kernel or

What target is this?

In /var/log/messages do you see any error messages about READ CAPACITY 
16 failing? Do you see something about trying to use read capacity 16, 
or something about it being too big?

Can you send a wireshark/ethereal trace so we can see the scsi bits?

open-iscsi/iscsi does not handle this task. It is more like a middle man 
between the scsi processing in the host/initiator and target. The best 
place to ask about this is list.

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