Mike Christie wrote:
> Ben Greear wrote:
>> george joseph wrote:
>>> Hi Ben,
>>> Please try the following steps.
>>> 1) Log out from all the connected session.
>>> 2) Delete the entry using iscsiadm -m discovery --portal=IP address 
>>> --op=delete
>> Then it's safe to rm -fr the /var/lib/iscsi dir?  I want to get
>> rid of all of the interface config and node config as well.
>> Something else I just hit:  If I try to stop iscsi twice (without running
> For stop do you mean
> service iscsi stop
> Is this fedora? What version or what iscsi-initaitor-utils version?
>> it in between), iscsiadm hangs trying to log out the second time..probably
> It should not hang. I think it waits for a very long time :) (something 
> like two or four minutes).
> This should be fixed in newer versions of open-iscsi so that we fail 
> quickly. It is in at F10 iscsi-initiator-utils- and 
> F9's iscsi-initiator-utils-
>> because it can't connect to the iscsi daemons.  Any clean fix for
>> this, or maybe just script it to look at the process listing and
>> don't call iscsiadm if no daemons are running?
> Yeah, that would probably be nice to have too. What was happening before 
> is that iscsiadm would run and if it could not contact iscsid it would 
> retry for X seconds. Since iscsiadm needed iscsid for the command, we 
> modified iscsiadm to either start iscsid or have it fail quickly (assume 
> that you would have started iscsid so there is no need to every wait) 
> (the fix depends on the version of iscsi you are running).

Ok.  I was testing the initiator on FC8, so it could very well be fixed
already in newer releases.  I wasn't waiting a full 2-4 minutes, too
impatient :)

I can work around this in my own code easily enough until we move
to newer OS releases.


Ben Greear <gree...@candelatech.com>
Candela Technologies Inc  http://www.candelatech.com

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