I downloaded and built the latest semi-stable build (870.3). I built
this on 3 different machines (A,B,C) all are supposedly Centos 2.6.18
(uname -r) . After make install and reboot, 2 of the machines (A&B)
have an [iscsi_eh] process, but the 3rd one does not. All modules
(*.ko) are the same size and iscsiadm -V reports "iscsiadm version
2.0-870". However all 3 machines are able to login to targets exported
by a solaris box. Is this OK? How do I go about debugging this?

The only difference on machine C is the output of lsmod | grep iscsi:

iscsi_tcp              27280  0
libiscsi               38272  1 iscsi_tcp
scsi_transport_iscsi    41880  3 iscsi_tcp,libiscsi
scsi_mod              152240  10

iscsi_tcp              29312  4
libiscsi               30080  2 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp
scsi_transport_iscsi    37016  4 ib_iser,iscsi_tcp,libiscsi
scsi_mod              152240  37

Apparently it is loading some other version (as far as I can tell make
install wiped out the previous version installed which was 868).


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