Omko schrieb:
> The situation:
> I have 2 sans (brand is: open-e, runs open-iscsi I think).
> on both san's I create a target.
> I have 1 server. the recieves the targets from both san's.
> next the server does a raid1 on the two iSCSI disks.
> I do run multipath to the san
> and this works like a charm. When one of the san's fails, my server
> continues working.
> The problem:
> When I add a new target on the SAN it has to do a iSCSI reset. If I do
> this the server drops the connection to the san, the raid1 is broken.
> And I have to add the iSCSI disk to the raid set again and sync.
> The question:
> Does anybody here have a idea how to prevent the raid from dropping
> the disk and having to rebuild again?
> Maybe I can adjust some timers? I have been searching a lot, but I am
> unable to find anything.

Please see if it helps:

Chapter: "8.2 iSCSI settings for iSCSI root"

AFAIK, open-e is based on an old kernel and an old version of IET, I'm 
not sure how it reloads settings.

Last I used it, it needed full daemon restart and was not very reliable 
- so the above link may not help you.

Tomasz Chmielewski

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