Omko wrote:
> Thank you for your help! I will try your suggestions shortly.
> I am not quite sure about the iSCSI reset to be honest, I just tell
> what the open-e interface tells me.
> the strange thing is that yesterday I did create some stuff on the
> open-e san that needed the 'reset' again. and my server continued
> working just fine, no broken raid this time.
> Maybe software raid is not supported on top of iSCSI. But if you want
> a redundant storage layer and you don't have a lot of money it, it's
> really a great sollution :-)

I've used software RAID (1) over open-iscsi with no problems in testing,
but I had to move to the latest version of open-iscsi - older versions
had problems with creating new targets, and not properly recognising
closure of connections from initiators.

Its probably just that the hardware device is using an old version of
open-iscsi/kernel, and could do with being updated.


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