On 14 May 2009 at 13:12, Erez Zilber wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm running a setup of open-iscsi & SCST. In order to test error
> scenarios during a WRITE command, I've added a delay in SCST, so after
> it receives the command, it doesn't send an R2T for 20 seconds. I also
> modified the device timeout on the initiator side to 5 seconds.
> However, I don't see an 'abort' for that command. Instead, I see that
> open-iscsi logs in again after 10 seconds and sends the command again.
> SCST also cleans up the session.
> Can anyone explain the reason for this behavior? I would expect that
> scsi-ml on the initiator side will send an 'abort' after 5 seconds.

IMHO 5s for a "target abort" is way too short: If your physical disk has some 
problems (like seek errors, verify error, etc.) it can take very long for a 
to complete. Usually one would prefer to see the data on disk over triggering 
error. I don't know the spects, but I'd guess the suggested timeout is minutes, 
not seconds.

Despite of that the question is how long does the target take to abort the 


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