fabien wrote:
> Hello,
> problem:
> I would like to use iscsi over rdma, so i have to use iser driver
> (ib_iser.ko), but the ib_iser module did't want to be loaded, i have
> an error during loading it with modprobe ib_iser.
> error after tipping modprobe ib_iser:
> FATAL: Error inserting ib_iser (/lib/modules/2.6.26-2-xen-686/kernel/
> drivers/infiniband/ulp/iser/ib_iser.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or
> unknown parameter (see dmesg)
> dmesg:
>  ib_iser: disagrees about version of symbol iscsi_conn_setup
> [ 9506.567353] ib_iser: Unknown symbol iscsi_conn_setup
> [ 9506.567353] ib_iser: disagrees about version of symbol
> iscsi_verify_itt
> [ 9506.567353] ib_iser: Unknown symbol iscsi_verify_itt
> [ 9506.567353] ib_iser: disagrees about version of symbol
> iscsi_session_recovery_timedout
> [ 9506.567353] ib_iser: Unknown symbol iscsi_session_recovery_timedout

You only want to install the tools from the upstream open-iscsi.org 
package. The kernel modules that come with it are newer than the ones in 
your kernel so they have different functions/symbols.

For the iscsi tools, you might just want to use the debian ones that 
came with your distro or use the ofed ones.

If you want to use the open-iscsi.org ones then after you have build them do

make install_user

to just install the tools.

I think you will also want to reinstall your kernel and/or ofed to 
overwrite the open-iscsi kernel modules.

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