Mike Christie wrote:
> some additions:

Ugh, sorry, one more change. If iscsi recovery kicks in due to a logout, 
iscsi/conn error or someone just tryiing to shutdown the session then we 
could be calling the ep_disconnect code or conn stop.

> Mike Christie wrote:
>> wait_on_commands()
>> {
>       while (check_restrictions(conn->task) &&
>               session->state == LOGGED_IN &&
                !test_bit conn->suspend_tx
                mutex_unlock(eh mutex)
>               wait for a while
                mutex_lock (eh_mutex);
>>      loop for each cmd on requeue list
>               if (session->state != LOGGED_IN ||
                   !test_bit conn->suspend_tx)
>                       break;
>>              if (check_restrictions(task))
                        mutex_unlock(eh mutex)
>>                      wait for a while then restart loop and check
                        mutex_lock (eh_mutex);
>> }
> > 

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