On 09/01/2009 01:37 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> On 09/01/2009 01:28 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
>> The latest bnx2i code is in James bnx2i tree. linux-2.6-iscsi does not
>> have your cid changes yet. I am updating to James's tree now.
>> However, the kernel patch will apply to James's tree as is, so you can
>> go ahead and use it.
> It looks like James's tree is missing the GFP_ATOMIC iscsi_offload_msg
> patch you guys did because that went through Dave. It might be missing
> other bnx2 stuff too.

I updated the linux-2.6-iscsi branch to linus's tree and took in your 
bnx2i patches in James's scsi-misc tree.

I did not grab the bnx2/cnic patches by accident. I just remembered Dave 
picked them up (I was just searching linus and scsi-misc/scsi-rc-fixes).

In the iscsi branch I have outstanding iscsi patches and the kernel 
patch for this (I also included the suspend queue patch from yesterday). 
The last commit is:

commit 35074fae1a1cf6eb1a22e912d16ac35ecd9020c8
Author: Mike Christie <micha...@cs.wisc.edu>
Date:   Sun Aug 30 16:19:44 2009 -0500

     libiscsi: fix login/text checks in pdu injection code

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