Thank you, the initiator utils from 5.4 did the trick.  Now, here's
hoping the CentOS team gets 5.4 out the door soon - until then I think
I'll have to run the rhel 5.4 initiator utils against the CentOS 5.3
stuff.  It compiled cleanly and installed cleanly and all my tests
seem successful - is there any known issues that I should watch out
for with this configuration?

Thanks a ton for the help!


On Sep 21, 6:31 pm, Mike Christie <> wrote:
> Jonas wrote:
> > Hi!
> > I'm having a bit of an odd issue - when using open iscsi to connect to
> > a Dell MD3000i, everything works well.  I've managed to get everything
> > running with multipath and lvm (the Dell exposes 4 connetions, I'm
> > connecting to all 4 and using multipath to fail over).  However, when
> > disconnecting from the iSCSI unit, iscsid stops unexpectedly.  One of
> > the four connections gets closed successfully but then iscsid crashes
> > and the other 3 connections stay up.  If I disconnect them one at a
> > time, each disconnect triggers a crash.
> > We've been using this version of openiscsi just fine on our equallogic
> > units, but they do things a little bit differently (and way better).
> > The specifics:
> > Using iscsi-initiator-utils on CentOS 5.3
> > Using kernel 2.6.18-92.1.22  x86_64
> > Connecting to a Dell MD3000i
> Is the a oops/BUG in /var/log/messages when this problem occurs?
> Could you try userpsace tools from 
> here:
> And the newest kernel from here:

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