> > The iferror values are just normal old errnos. -1 is
> > 
> > #define EPERM            1      /* Operation not permitted */
> > 
> > You should get the iferror translated to a string in 
> /var/log/messages. 
> Ignore this last part about the log message. The printf and 
> iferror use 
> is broken.

Well I was about to suggest that; the only relevant error messages that I
see are:

iscsid: Received iferror -1
iscsid: cannot make a connection to (-1,11)

Which to me is not very informative. :-|

OK, here's the problem: I'm trying to hook a RHEL 5.4 x86_64 running on M610
to an EQL6000XV. I'm way past network problems if only because I can easily
use the tcp transport and it works. Heck, apart for the lack of jumbo
support I can't really complain about the tcp transport. Yet, out of a sick
curiosity about system performance I'm stubbornly insisting into making use
of the bnx2i driver to offload some iSCSI into the 57009S; yes, I DO have
the hardware key. After some agonizing attempts I've reached the point where
I can detect the targets but any attempts to actually start the session will
result (depending apparently on the planets position) in either two of the
targets connecting or none of the targets connected. A simple "service iscsi
restart" will sometimes result in success and sometimes in failure. It's
puzzling and maddening in the same time... Don't even know where to start, I
was really hoping the iferror values would mean something. Any help would be
really appreciated! o:-)

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