Jack Z wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm a CS student and I'm trying to understand and locate the source
> code for iSCSI connection establishment. But I encountered the
> following problem. Could anyone maybe show me where I should go? Any
> help would be highly appreciated!!
> 1. I searched in the entire open-iscsi project and added a "fprintf
> (stderr, "Msg No.%d", msg_num);" after each connect() all. But after I
> made the project and made install, I still couldn't see any of the
> messages from fprintf when I tried to "iscsiadm -m discovery -t st -p
> <portal>" or "iscsiadm -m node -T <TargetName> -p <portal> --
> login"...
> 2. Since the first method failed, I tried to trace the source code
> nearby the login messages "Logging in to [iface:" and "Login to
> [iface: .... successful" and I ended up with the function
> "static int __login_portals(void *data, int *nr_found,
>                         struct list_head *rec_list,
>                         int (* login_fn)(void *, struct list_head *,
>                                         struct node_rec *))"
> Is this the function that establishes the connection for login?

No. It just sends a request to iscsid to connect to the target.

Look at iscsi_io_tcp_connect in io.c. It is non blocking so also see 
iscsi_io_tcp_poll. When that returns that we have connected then we 
start the iscsi login process.

Note that iscsi_io_tcp_connect and iscsi_io_tcp_poll are called through 
the  session->t->template->ep_connect or ep_poll calls.


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