Kyle Schmitt wrote:
> I'm cross-posting here from linux-iscsi-users since I've seen no

linux-scsi-users would be for centos 4. Centos 5 uses a different 
initiator, but you are the right place finally :)

> traffic in the weeks since I posted this.
> Hi, I needed a little help or advice with my setup.  I'm trying to
> configure multipathed iscsi on a CentOS 5.4 (RHEL 5.4 clone) box.
> Very short version: One server with two NICs for iSCSI sees storage on
> EMC.  Storage shows up as four discs, but only one works.
> So far single connections work: If I setup the box to use one NIC, I
> get one connection and can use it just fine.
> When I setup multiple connections I have problems...
> I created two interfaces, and assigned each one to a NIC
> iscsiadm -m iface -I iface0 --op=new
> iscsiadm -m iface -I iface0 --op=update -n iface.net_ifacename -v eth2
> iscsiadm -m iface -I iface1 --op=new
> iscsiadm -m iface -I iface1 --op=update -n iface.net_ifacename -v eth3
> Each interface saw two paths to their storage, four total, so far so
> good.
> I logged all four of them them in with:
> iscsiadm -m node -T <long ugly string here>  -l
> I could see I was connected to all four via
> iscsiadm-m session
> At this point, I thought I was set, I had four new devices
> /dev/sdb /dev/sdc /dev/sdd /dev/sde
> Ignoring multipath at this point for now, here's where the problem
> started.  I have all four devices, but I can only communicate through
> one of them: /dev/sdc.
> As a quick test I tried to fdisk all four partitions, to see if I saw
> the same thing in each place, and only /dev/sdc works.

What do you mean by works? Can you dd it, or fdisk it?

> Turning on multipath, I got a multipathed device consisting of sdb sdc
> sdd and sde, but sdb sdd and sde are failed with a message of
> checker msg is "emc_clariion_checker: Logical Unit is unbound or LUNZ"

Have you created a lun that is accessible to the initiator defined in 

Could you send the /var/log/messages for when you run the login command 
so I can see the disk info?


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