Lee Amy wrote:
> Hi all,
> I got some problems when I set up iface. The initiator node has two
> NIC eth0 is eth1. I set up eth0 to connect the router by browsing Web.
> And eth1 will link to a disk array. In the default mode iscsi will log
> in the target machine by using eth0 so I wanna change into eth1.
> I followed steps by the doc Open-ISCSI provide. However, I doubt there
> are some mistakes the doc may have. In the file /etc/iscsi/iface0 I

It should be in /etc/iscsi/ifaces

> have added necessary information like
> iface.transport_name = tcp
> iface.hwaddress = XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX
> But it seems useless. Because when I use command
> iscsiadm -m iface
> That doesn't show the iface0 just default and iser.
> And One thing makes me confused, which file I REALLY need to set up
> iface? Because the Open-ISCSI doc mentioned /etc/iscsi/ifaceX this

This should be fixed in newer docs.

Use iscsiadm in iface mode. It will take care of these types of issues 
for you in the future.


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