Hi Mike,

I'm just reviewing this for the iser disconnect change we're discussing,
and I noted that stop conn is called after ep_disconnect. I wasn't sure if
this is needed, or maybe bug or just something we can live with...

Here's the sequence of events I have collected with the RHEL 5.4 initiator
(, for what it worth, I was running over 2.6.33.

The number on the left is the line number in the attached file.
I just did login and after few seconds logout from the command line.

48      kep_connect
53      kep_bind
94      kcreate_session
133     kcreate_conn
139     kbind_conn

153     --> login
203     <-- login (opcode 0x23)

xxx     kset_param
410     kstart_conn

450     --> logout
479     <-- logout (opcode 0x26)

486     kep_disconnect
491     kstop_conn
497     kdAestroy_conn
504     kdestroy_session


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