I'm running iscsiadm discovery from an initramfs, rather than
iscsistart, and I have a couple of questions.

I'm starting iscsid without any params, as the man page shows the
default iscsid.conf that will be used if nothing is specified as living
in /etc/iscsi/, which is present there.

I've successfully worked around the well known nss issues, but I'm
getting a weird error I do not understand during discovery:

iscsiadm: Could not read iface info for bond0. Make sure a
 iface config with the file name and iface.iscsi_ifacename bond0 is
in /var/lib/iscsi/ifaces

I have an iface file named /etc/iscsi/ifaces/bond0, here are it's
# /etc/iscsi/ifaces/bond0
iface.iscsi_ifacename = bond0
iface.net_ifacename = bond0
iface.transport_name = tcp

Now, if I copy the /etc/iscsi/ifaces/bond0 file
to /var/lib/iscsi/ifaces/ then discovery works.

Why? What am I missing that the configs in /etc/iscsi/* are not being


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