I tried to get the integrated offline engine on a Broadcom NetXtreme II
BCM5709 working and I have some questions.

a)      Does it work in general with a recent Kernel (2.6.34) and a recent
version and open-iscsi (2.0.871) without using RPMs provided by Broadcom? I
found an old email saying that it does not.

b)      I don't know which interfaces to use: iscsiadm shows 2 bnx2i
interfaces with the natural nic interfaces' mac address +1, in my case:

Ifconfig: Eth2: 00:10:18:79:09:50

Iscsiadm: First bnx2i: bnx2i.00:10:18:79:09:51 bnx2i

Should I create a new one? Or use this interface?

c)       What is the correct way to use bnx2i as transport? Specify mac
address (which one? ...:50 or .:51) of that interface, use the ip address of
the corresponding nic, or the the nic name itself?

d)      I read somewhere about arp or interface lookup problems. Do I have
to do anything else (static arp entrys, routes, .) than bringing the network
card up and running?


I can't find a working document describing all the required steps. I tried
several ways, but I all I got were error with error number  -19: 

iscsid: cannot make a connection to (-19,2)


Received iferror -19: No such device.


Thanks in advance,



Sebastian Schwardt






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