Mike Christie <michaelc@...> writes:

> On 09/11/2014 01:38 PM, Kelley, Jared wrote:
> > I'm trying to setup a VTL on some AWS EC2 instances and have done so
> > with success however the scsi devices (virtual tape drives)
> > show up as connected to the client but there is nothing listed under
> > /dev/st* nor is there any /dev/by-path directory on the client.
> > 
> > Has anyone experienced this and what might be the issue?
> What iscsi target are you using? This happens sometimes when you do not
> have the target side ACLs setup correctly. Make sure the initiator name
> is in whatever ACLs you need to put them in on the target.

iscsi targets are: 

iqn.1997-05.com.amazon:sgw-bcb95cd5-tapedrive-01 - 10
as derived from the command:
/usr/bin/iscsiadm --mode discovery --type sendtargets --portal <GATEWAY-IP>:3260

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