We have 2 Equallogic Systems, And a Dell Servers.

We have every server give a block device home dir , so the user data are on 
the home dir this is working great its format on xfs filesystem, and 
running iscsiadm version 2.0-870 with linux kernel 3.10.57

But when we logging on the server, the first time we do a dir command on 
the home dir, its take a long time when we get feedback on the dir , the 
next time is fast when we do a dir.
Now we have users on this systems and this problem give not good 
performance on sql and websites an e-mail we are running on the server.

Are the some information how i can fix ore maybe get this problem better 
under control ?

I hope so that somebody can help me, i am searching for more than 3 weeks 

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