On 01/12/2015 01:50 PM, Mike Christie wrote:
> On 01/12/2015 01:42 PM, Chris Leech wrote:
>> On Mon, Jan 12, 2015 at 01:33:23PM -0600, Mike Christie wrote:
>>>> I'm not sure we can remove bind_ep if we still want to support the
>>>> cxgb3i and bnx2i general iface names.
>>> I am not sure what you mean here. Are saying you can use cxgbi and bnx2i but
>>> not specify a iface name that is associated with a specific cxgbi/bnx2i nic?
>>> That has never been supported. Does it work ok?
>> I honestly don't know, but the iscsiadm man page claims you can (but it
>> also says it's experimental) 
> Where in the man page is this? It is wrong and should be removed or
> someone should test it out at least.

Ah, ok, I found it in the man page. I implemented this for iser, but
never did it for bnx2i and cxgb*i. I have no idea why. It might have
been due to the upstream comments or maybe some other reason. I can't
remember. Will fix it or test it.

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