On 2015-07-01 17:22, The Lee-Man wrote:
On Monday, June 29, 2015 at 1:38:04 PM UTC-7, Christian Iversen wrote:

    Hello Open-iSCSI

    (please CC as I'm not a regular on the list)

Please join the list if you are going to submit patches.

Allright, noted :)

    I've been working with iSCSI lately, and thought I could help with a

    Here's a description:

I am looking at your patches (I'm sure Mike will, as well), but my first
response is that your descriptions (and hence the names of your patches)
are not very descriptive.

Duly noted.

For example, for your patch 8, "remove dead code" is too generic. How
about "iscsiuio: remove unused ipv6 header".

Good idea!

    These are all more or less just compile-tested. Any comments?

Yes, should be run-tested as well if you are going to submit this many
changes, IMHO.

Also, I'd suggest grouping similar changes together. Why create a patch
for each variable removed? If you are cleaning up unused variables, I
would group those patches as one. But that might just be me. :) And the
two "memset()" fixes should be one patch.
Lastly, you cannot patch open-isns in open-iscsi any longer. You need to
submit those changes to https://github.com/gonzoleeman/open-isns


So yeah, I've run-tested the patches in the meantime, and they all work, except the MaxOutstandingR2T had a missing change (which I had locally).

I'll try to re-roll the patchset, and return when I've joined the list and fixed the other issues.

De bedste hilsner,

Christian Iversen
Systemadministrator, Meebox.net

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