From: Mike Christie <<>>
Date: Friday, 4 March 2016 6:11 am
To: "<>" 
Cc: Shyam Sundar <<>>, 
Saurav Kashyap <<>>, 
Adheer Chandravanshi 
Subject: Re: [PATCH] iscsi tools: Add support for some host statistics

On 03/02/2016 02:04 AM,<> wrote:
From: Adheer Chandravanshi 
Add support to maintain and show some host statistics in iscsid.
This provides following host specific stats:

What happened? I actually liked your guys's originally attempt where it
was kernel based better.

We think that putting the host statistics in userspace looks cleaner and is 
also inline with current design of partial offload solutions (bnx2i and likes) 
and software initiator.
The stats to be supported currently can be easily managed with this patch as 
they are updated with the current PDU parsing flow in userspace.

How are you going to support qla4xxx session with this approach? Were
you going to do this and also a kernel interface for that type of driver?

For qla4xxx, it already has support for host stats through current offload host 
stats interface.
And in case its needed, we can support extra stats using 
iscsi_host_stats_custom field of struct iscsi_offload_host_stats.

For this userspace based patch, what was the last issue with it? Were
you guys having some issue about when to add the host or delete it or
something and did you solve the issue?

Yes, it was related to host deletion and dropping the reference.
It has been solved by listening to udev events for iscsi_host removal.

As correctly pointed out by Chris, following points should have been added to 
1) adds a refcounted iscsi_host structure
2) adds a uevent listener to iscsid


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